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Save time.

in 21 days or less


We expedite the loan process for brokers and originators by taking on the grunt work.

See how it works

Save time with faster processing speeds that eliminate the guesswork and keep everyone and everything on schedule.





Work with stakeholders to get the clear-to-close.

Our team collaborates with all stakeholders, including real estate agents, to address any conditions and clear any hurdles.

Days: 17 - 21


Title, appraisal & verifications are delivered.

We coordinate with our provider network for title, appraisal, and verifications. Our streamlined process ensures these steps are completed promptly and affordably to keep your loan moving forward.

Days: 9 - 16


Our team reviews and collects additional info.

Once we receive your submission, our team gets to work. We thoroughly review the details and reach out to you and the borrower for any additional information required to ensure a smooth processing experience.

Days: 4 - 8


Submit your loan and borrower details.

Start by submitting your loan and borrower details through our secure online form. We'll follow up with a secure link so you can drag and drop your loan files with ease.

Days: 1 - 3


Close, compile, and repeat.

With everything in place, we move swiftly to closing. Post-closing, we compile necessary documents and ensure a smooth transition. Our reliable process means you can trust us to handle your next loan with the same expertise.

Days: 22+
  • How competitive is your pricing?
    We save borrowers an average of $400 per loan. You be the judge.
  • How many borrowers are included in the price?
    Up to 4 borrowers to cover the normal limits set on a conventional loan.
  • Can I use your flat-rate pricing for my Loan Estimate?
    Yes! It's a good idea to ensure transparency about pricing and to avoid charging borrowers any fees that aren't listed on the Loan Estimate.
  • How do I know which fees my loan will require?
    We've compiled a list of fees that are generally applicable to all conventional loans. There might be small differences in scope, which we'll base on your AUS Findings Report and Underwriting Conditions.
  • Are the verifications and other listed services extra?
    Yes. They're typical costs associated with a loan that are usually paid by the borrower but at much lower rates than you'll find elsewhere.
  • Can I offload the cost of verifications to my borrower?
    Yes! That's one of the many benefits of having us involved as a third party. We bill the borrowers direct for the cost of verifications without you having to front the cost and hoping that the loan closes.
  • What reverifications are included?
    In order for the loan to close on-time, we've baked in the following reverifications into our processing fee: - Reverification of Income - Reverification of Employment - Reverification of Deposits - Reverification of Assets - Reverification of Insurance As for a Refreshed Credit Report, mortgage brokers and originators will need to generate those through the same credit reporting tool they used to run the initial credit report.
  • Are there any pass-through fees?
    Yes, like with any loan, recording fees, documentary transfer tax and other pass-through fees will be billed as a pass through cost by the title company. Please make sure to include all of those on your Loan Estimate prior to providing it to your borrower(s), as applicable.
  • What fees should I include in my Loan Estimate if I plan to submit a loan for processing?
    Short answer: All our associated fees plus any other third party fees. Long answer: We cover most costs associated with the loan process but not all. There are a host of fees that can be specific to your loan program, lender, or for services outside the scope of what we've standardized, such as Tax Monitoring Fees. Please make sure to review your Loan Estimate with your compliance team prior to sending it out to make sure you've accounted for all costs. Remember, there's very little wiggle room once an LE is sent to the borrower.
  • What if the final fees from your providers differ from your pricing?
    No problem at all! We’ll cover the difference. We're committed to streamlining the process and being your one-stop shop for multiple service providers. That’s why we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is.
  • Can I purchase individual services from you?
    We are not a reseller of these services. We curate our network of providers in order to expedite the loan process for you and your borrower. So we only use them internally on your behalf as a third-party processor.
  • Who orders all these services?
    Simple, we do! We handle the ordering of all services, including verifications, appraisal, title, and flood, with an integrated approach that reduces the need for you to manage multiple service providers, streamlining the process and eliminating potential delays.
  • What if title has already been ordered on a purchase?
    No worries. We'll go with what you've got and make sure we cover everything else in the loan process.
  • What if my borrower chooses a different title company?
    The borrower has the legal right to shop around for their own title policy. In that instance, please update your revised Loan Estimate or Closing Disclosure to reflect the amount approved by the borrower, within the tolerances allowed by RESPA. However, as the title company would be outside of our network of providers, we won't be able to control the speed at which they complete their work.
  • What costs can my borrowers expect to pay beyond those listed?
    Outside of any third-party fees you might anticipate for your loan, when it comes to fees from our end, they are: - Subordination Fees - Frozen File Fees - and any other fees based on discussions with your borrower
  • Can my wholesale lender have fees in addition to these?
    Possibly. Please check your pricing engine and lender-specific agreements for any fees associated with originating a loan in your lender's name.
  • What if my wholesale lender's fees conflict with your fees?
    As a general rule of thumb, use the mandatory fees listed by your wholesale lender in your pricing engine, as they may have specific providers integral to their underwriting process. If our pricing is better, we'll update the Loan Estimate to reflect a better deal for your borrower.
  • What's the fee after 90 days?
    After 90 days, a fee of $99 per borrower will be applied to cover administrative and processing costs, as most documents, reports, policies, calculations, and verifications will have expired by then. Additionally, if a borrower has more than one employer, an extra fee of $59 per employer will also be applied.

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Save your borrowers money on common closing costs while eliminating the time they spend shopping around for the best price.

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