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New Loan Submission

What loan are we processing?

Submit your new loan for processing so we can get you the clear-to-close!

When should you submit a loan for processing?

In general, when a borrower gives their Intent to Proceed, you should bring us into the loop. Some requirements for loan processing are:


  1. Application (1003)

  2. Credit Report (tri-merge only)

  3. AUS Findings Report (valid findings only, unless being manually underwritten)

  4. Loan Estimate (must include our Processing Fee in Section B)

  5. Purchase Contract (fully executed, if applicable)


You can reach us via email at to answer any questions you might have about our  loan submission process.

Payment of the Application Fee will be due before processing can begin on your loan.

What needs to be ordered? (select all that apply)

Thanks for your submission!

Check your inbox for next steps.

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